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IMB-Smartsoft PBCo IMB-Smartsoft PIBBLE

PBCo is a middleware product which makes it easy for SAP customers and partners to develop SAP ready components out of the PowerBuilder environment which are able to access the business logic of SAP applications. PBCo works on every client machine which has SAPGUI installed.

You only have to integrate a new library sappbcom.pbl (or sappbcom.pbd if you acquire library without SourceCode) in your PowerBuilder project.

The library does not contain any global parameters which makes it totally independent from your development environment.

The class library contains classes and methods which make it possible to easily transfer data from tables and structures of SAP RFC (Remote Function Call) modules into DataWindows or DataStores (similar to RowsCopy). It is also possible to transfer the data from DataWindows or DataStores into tables and structures from SAP RFC.